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What's Different About A Lochness Fiberglass Pool?
Our pools are 100% vinyl ester resin throughout the entire laminate structure. 
Vinyl ester resin is the toughest, most impenetrable and most expensive resin 
used in the fiberglass industry today. We purchase only the finest fiberglass 
pools manufactured with a minimum of five hand laid layers of fiberglass. 
Unlike other companies, we do not use chopped fiberglass, coring or other fillers that 
can make walls brittle and inhibit the flexural strength of the fiberglass. This allows our 
pool to expand and contract with expansive soils, earthquakes and freezing temperatures.

LochNess pools have a satin smooth 32-mil gel coat finish on its pool surfaces, consisting 
of two separate16-mil applications of gel coat. So whether your looking for a sparkling 
deep blue or the clean appeal of crystal white, we have a color that will complement 
your design for years to come. Our special formula white gel coat finish applied on our pool surfaces is much more resistant to fading than the colored finishes that other companies offer. Our white gel coat finish stands up to the test of time. 

Choosing a Lochness fiberglass pool gives you custom design features that are not typically found with may fiberglass or vinyl builders. We offer many design options that give your pool the look of a truly custom design, combined with the low maintenance & savings of fiberglass. Most people find that it's the best of both worlds:
    • Iridium finishes in 10 colors to add sparkle to your water
    • Custom waterline tile
    • Spas
    • Fountains
    • Deck Jets
    • Brick, Stone, and Concrete Cantilever Coping Options
    • Stamped & Colored Concrete, Brick, Paver, and Stone Deck Options